Wind Chimes – Music In Your Garden

June 12, 2013 at 4:21 am

Summer is around the corner and so is garden decoration.
What is the better way to decorate your garden then wind chimes. Not only do Wind Chimes look great and create a wonderful music but also bring luck and word off even.

Wind chimes are ancient decoration that was equally popular in ancient rome as well as eastern and southern asia.
They where hang under the roofs of homes, temples and palaces. Through out centuries various materials where used to make wind-chimes some of the most popular are: wood, metal, glass and clay.

Wind chimes are widely used in feng shui and are hang in the gardens and on the porches of houses. It is believed that wind chimes bring luck, word off even and help maximize the flow of life energy.

The garden with wing chimes is full of serenity and positive energy. It helps you calm your nerves and connect to nature. Depending on the material and size you can put it in various places of your garden according to feng shui bagua area. Also, depending on the material the wind chime will create different sound.

Metal wind chimes can be hang in the west and Northwest parts of your garden. The metal elements placed in the west or northwest regions is great for creativity and children. It represents travel, helpful people as well as blessings. The heavy weight of the metal chimes creates rhythmic slow sounds that have relatively medium pitched and easy to hear.

Wooden wind chimes can be hang in the Est and SouthEast. They are great at brining luck to your family and if placed correctly, represent money and abundance. Wooden chimes are lighter and will have more frequent rhythmic sounds that are duller to the ear and not as noticeable.

Wind chimes made out of clay can be placed in the center of the garden. The Earth elements placed in the center of the garden will bring love and marriage as well as help with self cultivation and spiritual growth. Depending on the size and shape of clay wind chime the sounds can vary greatly. Overall the sound will be relatively high and strong with high frequency rhythm.

Glass wind chimes would be best hang in the South parts of your garden. The area as well as the glass wind chime is best at brining fame and reputation. Glass wind are usually very light and have very high frequency, irregular rhythms. The sound is high but not very loud. The are usually very sensitive to the wind and so can be heard through out the whole day.

decoraive wind chimes hanging in a garden